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These carry size water pipes are perfect for taking on the go! With included caps for the mouthpiece and slide joint as well as a cork for the carb, these pipes ensure that you can bring your ready-to-use water pipe anywhere you want. Featuring a grip style body design perfect for any situation, these multi-use pipes include a 14mm male herb slide and a 14mm male quartz banger, so they can be used for dry herb or wax concentrates. Secured by a silicone ring, the glass downstem ensures the power of cooling water percolation. Measures 10 inches (25.4cm) tall. 

Waterfall Australia Gripper Water Pipe | 10" | 14mm F

SKU: PP2923
    • 10 inches tall
    • 14mm female water pipe
    • Borosilicate glass travel pipe
    • Silicone base & caps for the mouthpiece and slide
    • Glass downstem secured by silicone ring
    • Grip style base
    • Includes 14mm male herb slide and 14mm male banger
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