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This innovative terp slurper banger design provides you with amazing terpene flavor and a smooth dab session. Featuring a lower stem and tray built into the bucket, this 14mm male banger functions best when concentrates are loaded into the bottom and utilizes vortex technology to create a natural spiral of air to vaporize wax and shatter.

Included in this 4 piece set are 3 mixed size terp marbles/ pearls with a matching color twist and the terp slurper quartz banger.

**Caution:** Only apply heat to the bottom dish and center tube of your terp slurper banger. Heating the bucket where the center bead is located can cause thermal shock and crack it. 

Pulsar Terp Slurper Banger Twist Marble Set

    • 4 piece set
    • 14mm male joint connection
    • Includes 3 mixed size terp marbles / pills
    • Unique "terp slurper" banger design
    • Color twist designs
    • Multiple color options
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