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Sir Isaac Newton never could have predicted that he would pave the way for this innovative water pipe! The Pulsar Garden of Cosmic Delights Gravity Water Pipe is made from quality glass and includes everything you need to get rippin'. The Garden of Cosmic Delights design features wild and colorful planet where nature spirits roam free, by artist Hannah Bunzey. These water pipes have a 19mm female joint connection and include a funnel style dry herb bowl. The base of the interior glass is lined with a black silicone guard to prevent glass-on-glass damage. Stands 11.25 inches (28.6cm) tall, without the bowl, or 13 inches (33.1cm) with the bowl.

Pulsar Garden of Cosmic Delights Glass Gravity Water Pipe - 11.25" - 19mm F

SKU: WP664
    • 11.25 inches tall
    • Gravity water pipe
    • Garden of Cosmic Delights design
    • Featured artist Hannah Bunzey
    • Quality borosilicate glass
    • Pulsar logo
    • Part of Pulsar Artist Series
    • Includes 19mm male herb slide
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