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These hardtop grinders come apart into four separate pieces, including a sifting screen that leads to a pollen chamber. Magnetic lid closure ensures the contents stay safely secured.

  • The Losin' It design, by Amberly Downs, features a wacky array of faces, eyes, tongues, and patterns.
  • The Psychedelic Abduction design by artist Amberly Downs features a bovine abduction scene in a desert landscape.
  • The Meditation design by artist Julian Akbar features a wise multi-armed goddess in meditation.
  • The Robotic Owl design features a stained glass, clockwork owl.
  • Psychedelic Alien design by artist Amberly Downs depicts a transcendental alien in a meditative state.
  • The Trippy Trip design features a radical wizard motorcycling across a wacky landscape. Artist collaboration with Julian Akbar.
  • The Psychedelic Octopus design by artist Amberly Downs depicts a swirling undersea octopus surrounded by friendly jellies.

Pulsar Artist Series Grinder | 4pc | 2.5"